Friday, June 22, 2012

Bolt Report alternative theme

Screen test of alternative theme music for Network 10’s The Bolt Report. (“Old Dutch”, Victor Herbert Orchestra, 1910.) Inspired by the #LOLBolt segment of the Pure Poison Podcast.

A mere trifle, but it is completely juvenile.


I heard somewhere that The Bolt Report isn’t broadcast in Canberra.

Sheesh, think of his national audience share if it was broadcast there too. This can only be some kind of conspiracy by the gubment to suppress the trooth. And his ravings rantings ratings. Anyway, Gina will fix it like she will Fairfax.

Meanwhile, thank God for the interwebs. The Bolt Report’s youtube channel must be like a Radio Luxembourg for the nannied and oppressed citizens of our nation's capital.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Quake endured

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Balance achieved

Ooh, lucky me! Unusually I was home in time to catch a bit of The Drum on ABC News 24.

Particularly the bit where Joe Hildebrand called Julian Assange nasty names while slandering him as having gave up Bradley Manning to the US military.

Annabel Crabb, the show’s host (or whatever her function supposedly is) allowed it to pass unchallenged.

At best, maybe because it would have been too much like hard work to get a word in over Joe.

Otherwise one might assume she had no grasp over the facts of the discussion she was ‘moderating’.

All a neat example of what the usual suspects would call ‘balance’ at the ABC.

UPDATE: Yeesh!!! Now she’s on bleedin’ Randling.

UPDATE 2: Really looking forward to the premiere of Hildebrand’s Dumb Drunk and Racist on ABC2 tonight, to see whether some skillful editing could possibly make Joe seem halfway coherent.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Not yet done to death

The latest on the ANU death threats saga is that Australian National University has “stymied” a further FOI request by “demanding” nearly $40,000 to carry out the request.

The latest request is by the same guy whose previous FOI yielded 11 emails for the wrong time period while attempting to either verify or debunk supposed events that, anyway, were based on erroneous reports from the ABC and other outlets (including News £td, a fact that apparently still eludes The Australian).

So far as I can gather, the FOI guy’s motive for pursuing this has been his personal perception that the death-threat reports “have been used as a way to tar all critics of the climate consensus as being a bunch of dangerously unhinged lunatics who would resort to sending death threats...”

Essentially, it offends his vanity that his anti-climate-consensus cause may have been sullied by “a tiny minority of disturbed individuals.” Personally, I can see why ANU would want to discourage FOI requests that verge on the trivial or vexatious.

As a (qualified) supporter of the climate consensus, however, I can report that my own vanity was not offended in the least by a recent report in The Australian by Chris Merritt that prominent climate sceptics had been subject to abuse and threats. I’m happy to allow that there are whackos in any camp.

Nor was I particularly offended that the report, headlined as “Death threats just par for the course,” detailed nothing (in relation to the climate debate) that could seriously be considered a death threat.

The only example that would remotely qualify was an instance where “a filmmaker used Twitter to urge his followers: ‘Let’s assassinate Andrew Bolt.’”

Indeed, that kind of thing is stupid and offensive but nevertheless fairly insubstantial on the threat index, since it’s quite obviously public spleen affected by an identifiable individual.

Merritt also noted,

Sydney Daily Telegraph columnist Tim Blair says he has received “death wishes” rather than death threats. ... Most of this material arrives by email and while they are abusive, Blair says they are not real death threats.

Still, if Merritt and The Australian want to headline all this as “Death Threats,” then all their recent quibbling over the nature of threats to Australian climate scientists would seem somewhat small and hypocritical.

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