Friday, March 05, 2010

What the ’k’n’ell’s been happening with Knut?

Knut, the polar bear born in captivity at the Berlin zoo in December 2006, is in the news again.

The evil Left, having failed to have him assassinated when he was a newborn cub, now wants to have him castrated, apparently to forestall the consequences of Knut’s canoodling with a female bear who’s his near cousin.

It’s certainly been a roller coaster ride for the poor little Knut in his short life to date. As well as being constantly and mercilessly anthropomorphised, he’s been threatened with death, suffered personality disorders from unrestrained adulation, and been criticised for not being as cute as when he was a baby.

With this latest threat, Knut faces the prospect of knowing he’s somewhat less than the bear he used to be.

And of never knowing the joys of fatherhood (which, for polar bears, sometimes involves slaughtering and cannibalising defenceless bear cubs; but let’s not go there).

How much can a polar bear?

’K’n’oath, there’s only so much!!

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