Friday, June 22, 2012

Bolt Report alternative theme

Screen test of alternative theme music for Network 10’s The Bolt Report. (“Old Dutch”, Victor Herbert Orchestra, 1910.) Inspired by the #LOLBolt segment of the Pure Poison Podcast.

A mere trifle, but it is completely juvenile.


I heard somewhere that The Bolt Report isn’t broadcast in Canberra.

Sheesh, think of his national audience share if it was broadcast there too. This can only be some kind of conspiracy by the gubment to suppress the trooth. And his ravings rantings ratings. Anyway, Gina will fix it like she will Fairfax.

Meanwhile, thank God for the interwebs. The Bolt Report’s youtube channel must be like a Radio Luxembourg for the nannied and oppressed citizens of our nation's capital.

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Blogger Caz said...

Bolt too low-rent for Canberra, hey?

That's actually pretty funny.

25/6/12 4:05 PM  

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