Friday, June 13, 2008

Fish Friday

If you fish they may bite,
If you drink you will find them...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The public tit still feeds...

What a show. "Della" - an individual compromised and grubied by his own hands and overblown hubris - and Neal, a witch of a faction unto herself, deport themselves as only the NSW Labor right can. They summarise the slime and scum that define this fly-blown government that occupies the treasuty benches of Macquarie St.

Neal, of course, has carried her special brand of venomous and peurile politics to Canberra nowadays and is Kev's "special" problem. She is to undergo "anger management" counselling. Right. Will we begin with the removal of the fabled images of political enemies that she keeps in her freezer? Perhaps she will be allowed that extravagance.

This is a not particularly nice woman. This is a woman who grows a grudge as a farmer his crop.

Anger management? Give us all a break. She'll cop it because Kevvie said so but...and there's always a but...only to deal with "problem solving" in her daily government activity. Next time Kev dines in Sydney with his Labor collegues one hopes he brings his version of Alexander's "foot guard", the hypaspists, with him: he'll need 'em.

A flasback to Alan Ramsay's mention of this 'woman' in 2004:

Then there was Belinda Neal, wife of the NSW ALP general secretary at the time, John Della Bosca, now a Carr Government minister. Della Bosca, a factional
soul mate of Ludwig's, manipulated the appointment of his wife to a NSW Senate vacancy in March 1994 after Kerry Sibraa, then senate president, resigned to take up a Keating government diplomatic appointment in Zimbabwe.

Neal's political career lasted just 4 years. She was forced to resign on the eve of the 1998 election to accommodate the Senate ambitions (and future superannuation entitlement) of Steve Hutchins, Labor's NSW state president and her husband's best mate, and to try her luck at winning a seat in the House of Representatives. That was no luck at all. She has not risen from the political dead since. Still, the only vote she ever needed to get the Senate salary and perks of 4 years on the public tit was her husband's, so she has no cause for complaint.

The point of all this is that local political chieftans like Ludwig and Della Bosca are shameless when it comes to looking after their own parasites, be they cronies or nagging spouses.

And what a bloody nagging spouse we have here! Not only nagging but an abusive, foul-mouthed piece of anal detritus to boot. And her husband, having guaranteed her a NSW government pension, has foisted her upon the nation as a whole.

Thank you NSW Labor. At least she's not frigtening the bejesus out of the local school athletics day...yet.

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