Friday, May 30, 2008

Fish Friday

What can I say? Josh -age four- outfishing dad ... again.


Camden has had its say. The school will never be built. Not now, not ever and certainly not ever as long as there is breath in the good citizens of the "real Australia". The "breath" of those citizens - good or not - won't, of course, be required. The supposed planning laws will see to it that the Islamic school won't get built:

We are concerned about the adequacy of local infrastructure to support such a
large school...

Presumptive PM Rudd campaigning in the seat prior to the last election. What does that tell you? I'll spell it out: no school now; no school soon; no school ever. It tells you something else about a politician willing to traduce any principle to win an election. This is courting not so much a "red-neck" vote as a slightly sun-pinked one.

This whole application has been mismanaged. They (the Koranic Society) got an ex Mayor of Sydney to front them instead of running their own (sensible) argument because it "looked" better. People are not that bloody stupid. If you've a message to deliver - deliver it youself.

That aside, we're a tolerant society, so we're led to belive. Bullshit. Catholics were "opressed" because they were not C-of-E. Protestants and Lutherans settled South Australia and made it the wine powerhouse it now is. Where would that be had we decided their religion was not "to our taste"?

Small minded bigots out back of Campbelltown and Camden have now decided that - in their neck of the woods at least - we decide what relion will be practised here and how it is practised.