Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Balance achieved

Ooh, lucky me! Unusually I was home in time to catch a bit of The Drum on ABC News 24.

Particularly the bit where Joe Hildebrand called Julian Assange nasty names while slandering him as having gave up Bradley Manning to the US military.

Annabel Crabb, the show’s host (or whatever her function supposedly is) allowed it to pass unchallenged.

At best, maybe because it would have been too much like hard work to get a word in over Joe.

Otherwise one might assume she had no grasp over the facts of the discussion she was ‘moderating’.

All a neat example of what the usual suspects would call ‘balance’ at the ABC.

UPDATE: Yeesh!!! Now she’s on bleedin’ Randling.

UPDATE 2: Really looking forward to the premiere of Hildebrand’s Dumb Drunk and Racist on ABC2 tonight, to see whether some skillful editing could possibly make Joe seem halfway coherent.

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