Friday, April 10, 2009

chokes on weeties

This idiotic ad campaign for Kellogg’s Sustain™ has been around for a while now.

It’s been very effective because I’m completely persuaded not to buy the shit, if only to discourage media ‘professionals’ from producing any more of such drivel.

Little wonder the GFC, when there’s an army of people doing this kind of nonsense who could otherwise be employed in productive work.

Er... speaking of which, I’ve got some things to do...

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Good Friday

At last, a Friday theme that won’t turn into a weekly drudge.

How strange that we, as a culture, can be so relaxed about such a grotesque image — grotesque, yet so ubiquitous we become inured to its meaning.


“Poor President Obama has been described as the Hope of the World, but we only ever had one messiah that good and it’s a bit hard to live up to Jesus.”

Amen, Archbishop Peter Jensen. A-a-a-amen!!

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