Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wanderers gather

screen capture by jacob

Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune accompany the Sun as it sets, captured this evening soon after sunset using Google Sky Map.


Below is the (more or less) same view as above using Stellarium on a desktop PC.

screen capture by jacob


Friday, March 16, 2012

Pub Friday

The Lugger Inn, Fowey.

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Oh my god... it’s full of stars!

A free app for Android phones has the edge on anything Apple’s iPhone™ may have to offer.

This morning I see that the Sun rises accompanied by Mercury, Neptune and Uranus.

It must be so, because it’s on my phone!

I don’t even need to look out the window... in fact, what’s actually out there is irrelevant.


Sunset in Melbourne, 16 March 2012
(Screen capture by Jacob)

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Godwin in a time warp

Quote of the Week from Andrew Bolt:

I remember being attacked when I warned of the strong links between Nazism and Germany’s green groups in the 1930s.

That would have been sometime just before he warned FDR of Japan’s growing militarist ambitions.

(via Jeremy at Pure Poison)

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