Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Little Cousin.

By postulant Caitlin

Shiny blue eyes,
Long pointy nose,
The sadness dies,
Then he starts to doze.

Soon he wakes up,
And gets out of bed,
Then he grabs a cup,
And waits to be fed.


Friday, March 14, 2008

Goat Friday


Rufus D. Goat
of Haydens Bog, Vic, says...

“Like any discerning ruminant, I only read Applied Hermeneutics for the fascinating articles... cawww...! get a load of this set !!

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Thursday, March 13, 2008


Some is green and close to the shore
But there is more,
Deeper down,
Where it is several shades of brown.
In the Pacific and Atlantic,
Seaweed grows to be gigantic.
This mass has broken free,
And floats in the Sargasso Sea,
Where grumpy looking fish reside,
And other creatures like to hide.


case you missed it

  • ‘If’ may be the middle-word in ‘Life’, but there’s laughter in manslaughter.
  • Starting down that slippery slope — the ‘Honour Lie’ — “Italy’s highest appeal court has ruled that married women are entitled to lie about committing adultery, even in judicial investigations, to protect their honour.”
  • An awarding-winning actress has achieved the Chinese government’s highest honour, being made an Un-Person. All works and commercials featuring Chinese actress, Tang Wei, are to be removed from Chinese print and electronic media.
  • How will we live without the convenience of instant photography?
  • Poor old Sir Paul McCartney just can’t seem to score a hit lately, but Instant Karma’s gonna get Peter Garrett.


Perspective maintained

This week, another authoritative study “has found no evidence Saddam Hussein’s regime had any operational links with al-Qaeda’s terrorist network.”

Trivia buffs will recall that Saddam’s supposed relationship with al-Qaeda was trumpeted by the Bush White House as a compelling subsidiary justification for the invasion of Iraq.

An invasion, incidentally, that former Under Secretary of Defense, Douglas Feith, has disclosed was already a done deal months before the weapons inspectors were to report on Saddam’s supposed mountains of WMD.

Such trivialities have gone righteously unremarked upon by the Muftim Tim Blair, who continues his relentless pursuit of those who peddle the Really Big Lie of the Iraq war — that fictitious plastic turkey.

Keep that Troooth a-comin’, O Great Muftim!


Although obviously not so important as the pursuit of troooth and purveyors of plastic-turkey-propaganda, Jack Robertson reviews the public contribution of Douglas Feith. While searingly analytical, it’s also a kind of performance-arty piece, a form which should be familiar to some readers here.

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