Friday, April 04, 2008

49 and 364 days...

Update: 49 and 366 days.

I have been better. Much better. Why is it I feel eighty-five?

No. Not at all. No denial - none.

Truthfully I wake each morning the same person I was at twenty-one. Truthfully.

Truthfully I realise there is something amiss with that gestalt when I swing legs and stand up. It's alright though: I'll get over it and that lumbar region will "oil-up" eeeventually. As will the right foot.

The slightly discombobulating thing is the grey, bald bastard that stares out of the bathroom mirror when I brush teeth. Yeah, I know: it's not me. We ALL know that. Problem is, every time I turn to look behind the bastard's gone!

How can some old prick move that fast?

Now, there's a couple. One in the first is not in the second (sadly dead). One in the second is not in the first. Who is who?


The Road to Hell . . .

. . . is paved with good intentions:

In November 2007 in Kermanshah [Iran], Makwan Mouloudzadeh, 20, faced the death penalty on false charges of raping several boys seven years before. His accusers retracted their claims. No evidence suggested he had committed any crime under Iranian law.

However, European activists wildly seized on him as another “gay” victim. They organised a mass petition to Ahmadinejad for mercy for “the young Iranian gay”. Their pleas sent an inadvertent message: Makwan was innocent of one capital crime, but Europe believed him guilty of another. On December 5, Makwan Mouloudzadeh, probably neither gay nor a rapist, went to the gallows.

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Goat Friday

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Shed

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