Saturday, January 17, 2009

He’s still out there somewhere

The blurb for this youtube goes:

One of my friend’s from work and her friend were out one night in the SF Marina district and were hanging outside of the bars trying to find a cab. One of the girl’s, Olga, ends up meeting this guy Dmitri and they talk for at the most 2 minutes. She hands him her business card and says call me. This is the actual voicemail that this guy left her.

View on... Chilling!!

Dimitri the stud  —  view at youtube

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Not only but also

The Lancet may well come in for some heavy criticism in the next day or so for what some will see as a politically inflammatory editorial “blasting” Israel for its actions in Gaza.

It likely will be asked, somewhere, by somebody: Why the obsessive emphasis on Israel, when there are far worse atrocities going on in the world?

Such quizzers may be comforted to know that The Lancet only last week editorialised thus:

As the world watches the terrible events unfolding in Gaza, several other conflict zones around the globe continue to be ignored. Since Israel's air and ground offensive against the Hamas regime in Gaza captured international political and media attention, hundreds of people — 400 in one day alone — have been killed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and many more lack the medical attention they so desperately need.

Major difficulties in bringing assistance to people affected by conflict is a prominent feature of the top ten most neglected humanitarian disasters, compiled annually by Médecins Sans Frontières. According to the list, massive forced civilian displacements, violence, and unmet medical needs in Somalia, which is top of the list for the third consecutive year, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq, Sudan, and Pakistan are some of the worst humanitarian and medical emergencies in the world.

It is a scar on society that some lives are still deemed more important than others, especially when viewed through a lens distorted by politics, economics, religion, and history...

(The whole document is accessible free upon registration.)

Well, so why all of a sudden are The Lancet editors dumping on Israel?

The explanation could be as simple as that a number with three zeroes after it is inherently impressive. That such a number has been produced by a nation which pines desperately to be accepted as part of “the West” may also have a bearing here.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Johnny basks in distinguished company

Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard is in Washington to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom from his out-going good buddy President George W Bush.

Mr Howard took the honour along with former British PM Tony Blair and... Colombia’s President Alvaro Uribe...

Medal of Freedom...? Alvaro Uribe...? Medal of Freedom...?

Under President Uribe’s watch, there has been a dramatic increase in reports of extrajudicial killings of civilians by the Colombian Army. And while Uribe’s government has strongly confronted the abusive left-wing guerrillas of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), Uribe has failed to take a similarly clear stance against equally abusive drug-running paramilitary groups, who have massacred, raped, and forcibly displaced thousands of Colombians in recent decades. Fundamental flaws in a paramilitary demobilization process under Uribe have permitted many of the groups to continue to engage in abuses under new names. The president's verbal attacks on his country’s human rights defenders have been frequent and disturbing. And Uribe has often opposed efforts to break paramilitaries’ influence in the political system, including by making unfounded accusations against the Supreme Court justices who are investigating more than 70 members of the Colombian Congress for links to paramilitaries.

It’s curious that our Mr Howard would want to accept an award so compromised by such a co-recipient. Oh wait...


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Monday, January 12, 2009

Stop Press: Hamas turns infants out of humidicribs

It’s only a matter of time until we see such a lurid headline, such is the clamour by apologists for Israel’s assault on Gaza to justify the bloodbath.

Such as the retailing on another forum by a C Eliot Parsney of a youtube video claiming to portray “Hamas beating a guy to death with a pole at a wedding reception — for singing.”

Oh dearie, how reprehensible!

And how does C Eliot Parsney know this to be authentic video of Hamas beating a guy to death with a pole for singing at a wedding reception?

Why, because the semi-anonymous guy who published the video only 6 days ago says in the voiceover that it is Hamas beating a guy to death with a pole for singing at a wedding reception.

Truly there’s one born every minute, but that kind of stuff takes discipline.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

case study

Syd Barrett (an artist)  —  image source

Illustrating the principle that most days it’s not worth not getting out of bed of a morning, artist Duggie Fields recounts the disintegration of his former flatmate Syd Barrett, who was a co-founding member of ‘legendary’ rock band Pink Floyd:

I think he spent quite a while lying in bed. I used to be in the next room and I’d be painting... And I knew he was lying in bed sort of thinking — my [speculative] interpretation was that he was thinking — that, while he lay there, he had the possibility of doing anything in the world that he chose. But the minute he made a choice, he was limiting his possibilities. So he lay there as long as he could — so he had this unlimited future! But, of course, that’s a very limited present, when you do that, and a very depressing one ultimately.

Still, surely that kind of thing can’t hurt in moderation. So maybe next time you have a lie-in and arrive late for work, tell your employer it was imperative for you to maximise your possibilities. If you have a heartless philistine of a boss who just doesn’t get it, maybe it’s time to move on...?

Duggie Fields (an artist)  —  screencap by jarcob

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Blogging - by invitation only...

This blog is open to invited readers only

It doesn't look like you have been invited to read this blog. If you think this is a mistake, you might want to contact the blog author and request an invitation.

No, indeed it doesn't. Well I'll be. I'd no idea Caz had become hi-falutin' selective.

Perhaps I am no longer of the correct Ilk. I realise I haven't been about much with Christmas rush, holidays and - ostensibly - writing pieces for publication. Still, I hadn't thought that I'd actually logged off so to speak.

Use it or lose it eh?

Interesting that one is instructed to "contact the blog author" if this is a mistake, though there is no method of so doing without accessing the blog.

Perhaps, when I eventually find enough time and energy, I will finish this writing stuff and get something published. I will, of course, have to publish it as "invitation only":

You are not invited to read this book. Should you feel that you are sufficiently interested and have the necessary educational background for this work, please feel free to contact the author /