Friday, April 09, 2010

That nails it!

Another shade of Grayling...

“Try lighting your house by prayer, instead of by electricity, and you see which one works.”

After that killer blow, is there anyone anywhere who can not be an atheist now?

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Transport Trivia Friday

Presenting milestones in Victoria’s transport landscape...

This week: 1970


The completed Tullamarine Freeway is opened by the Premier, the Hon. Sir Henry Bolte.


Melbourne Airport is officially opened.

After 48 years of operation, the Victorian railways poultry farm at Noble Park is closed. The farm supplied chickens and eggs for the railway’s cafes, bakery, dining rooms and cars.


A section of Melbourne’s West Gate Bridge collapses, killing thirty-five workmen.


Compulsory wearing of car seat belts becomes law in Victoria. Seat belts, if fitted, must be used by drivers and front-seat passengers.

Next week: 1971 ! !

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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The atheists have taken over the cathedral

Or perhaps, the Cro-Magnons have taken over the cave...

The origin of Science and the origin of Religion share a common ancestor. It’s not that science emerges from religion... The common ancestor of religion and science is ignorance.

You can regard the relationship between religion and science, as they evolved separately from this common ancestor, as somewhat like the relationship between Cro-Magnon man, which is us, and the Neanderthals, which is them.

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Obama a god-sent man?

McArthur McKinley is pastor of the Holly Grove Missionary Baptist Church in the tiny Mississippi Delta town of Sidon.

He isn’t particularly worried about the hateful vitriol hurled at President Obama by his critics because...

“When you’re doing good, someone is going to speak evil against you. They did Christ that way.”

Some among Pastor McKinley’s flock tend to agree, believing Obama to be “a God sent man.”

So, there are still a few people over there who take a quasi-messianic view of Obama, in stark contrast with the poisonous Obama Haters.

However, as an Australian cleric remarked around Easter last year...

“Poor President Obama has been described as the Hope of the World, but we only ever had one messiah that good and it’s a bit hard to live up to Jesus.”

My thoughts exactly! — well, sort of...

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