Tuesday, July 28, 2009

war ever lasting

[In forty years since 1967] Israel had achieved neither the security it craved nor all of the land to which its people felt entitled. By clinging to its illegal settlements, it had created the justification for the harsh security regime that encircled millions of embittered Palestinians and left many of its own citizens living a reality tinged with fear and anger.

Forty years on, Israel was still fighting the last day of the Six-Day War.

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Straight to the poolroom

... and I’m not even going to take it out of the wrapper.

No 2 Niece was in London around the time of my birthday earlier this month, spotted this little collectable and decided she must get it for her Unca. Clearly, it’s a must-have for ‘Boomers at my time of life.

A sweet thought and I’ll treasure it forever, naturally.

Only thing is that I can’t work out the connection of a black double-decker bus with the Beatles’ immortal Abbey Road album. Such a vehicle doesn’t appear in the album artwork. And anyway, aren’t London buses red?

Perhaps the black bus is another clue in the Paul Is Dead mythology...?

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