Thursday, March 13, 2008

case you missed it

  • ‘If’ may be the middle-word in ‘Life’, but there’s laughter in manslaughter.
  • Starting down that slippery slope — the ‘Honour Lie’ — “Italy’s highest appeal court has ruled that married women are entitled to lie about committing adultery, even in judicial investigations, to protect their honour.”
  • An awarding-winning actress has achieved the Chinese government’s highest honour, being made an Un-Person. All works and commercials featuring Chinese actress, Tang Wei, are to be removed from Chinese print and electronic media.
  • How will we live without the convenience of instant photography?
  • Poor old Sir Paul McCartney just can’t seem to score a hit lately, but Instant Karma’s gonna get Peter Garrett.



Anonymous jo said...

I lie all the time; I do it because it's better than standing..
...and not so far to fall.

13/3/08 10:11 PM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

As long as you lie with people, and not about them, then it's cool. (I think that's meant to be double entendre, or something.)

By the way -- before anyone starts on me -- I know Sir Paul did not write 'Instant Karma'. John did.

But Peter (with the Oils) did sing it. On the back of a truck in New York City. Which just may be just where Peter wishes he was lately...

Further by the way, Justin, I've enjoyed reading some of your comments at WD lately. Sometimes wrong, sometimes right, probably, but it's the best anyone can expect of him/herself anyway. Or something.

13/3/08 11:51 PM  

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