Thursday, March 13, 2008

Perspective maintained

This week, another authoritative study “has found no evidence Saddam Hussein’s regime had any operational links with al-Qaeda’s terrorist network.”

Trivia buffs will recall that Saddam’s supposed relationship with al-Qaeda was trumpeted by the Bush White House as a compelling subsidiary justification for the invasion of Iraq.

An invasion, incidentally, that former Under Secretary of Defense, Douglas Feith, has disclosed was already a done deal months before the weapons inspectors were to report on Saddam’s supposed mountains of WMD.

Such trivialities have gone righteously unremarked upon by the Muftim Tim Blair, who continues his relentless pursuit of those who peddle the Really Big Lie of the Iraq war — that fictitious plastic turkey.

Keep that Troooth a-comin’, O Great Muftim!


Although obviously not so important as the pursuit of troooth and purveyors of plastic-turkey-propaganda, Jack Robertson reviews the public contribution of Douglas Feith. While searingly analytical, it’s also a kind of performance-arty piece, a form which should be familiar to some readers here.

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Blogger Father Park said...

Oh well...on balance I wouldn't disagree with JR there. Feith is something of a recalcitrant, arrogant arse: he typifies the sort.

He's also an unapolgetic fundamentalist of the early Bush years.

That said - and no moral comment intended - as I wrote over "there", the US actions in this area are eminently understandable. That they wound up in a shitfight is their own doing. If you go in on the cheap what can you expect?

The morass that is Mesopotamia is a terrible thing.

13/3/08 6:29 PM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

I'd take back every sick, very sick thing I ever said about Mr Bush if he coud pull off that LA in Mesopotamia like he promised, like soon.

Not getting any younger, and pessimism grows that I won't live to see anything remotely like it. Hope I'm being overly-pessimistic... or should that be conservative?

13/3/08 11:37 PM  

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