Friday, May 07, 2010

Civilisation halts crumbling (for now)

Given the principle that atheists ought to be refused treatment at hospitals run by religious organisations, then clearly the courts of a secular state ought to preclude judges who hold religious beliefs.

The Andrew Bolt politburo will surely agree, then, with Marc Cooper in the LA Times:

Though the [US Supreme Court] ... will be left with six Catholics and two Jews, the open seat should not go to either domination [sic]. Nor should it go to a Presbyterian, a Lutheran, a Methodist, a Muslim or even a Zoroastrian. If it did, that would make nine people who all have one religious principle in common: a belief in religion.

Clearly, the next person to take the bench should be an atheist.

This will surely satisfy the Boltevik requirements of restraint, order and the related discipline of reason.

What’s more, according to the above writer, Thomas Jefferson himself would have approved!

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Blogger Caz said...

That's about as likely in this millennium as Americans voting in a non-god-fearing, non-god-trusting president.

Meanwhile, the Brits hang in the balance! Jeez what a time for them to bugger up an election. They can't afford to be in such a pickle.

7/5/10 9:06 PM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

True, the main players may have to actually talk to each other and be reduced to finding common ground. I have a really bad feeling about this...

9/5/10 9:51 PM  
Blogger Caz said...

Oh, and how they talked Jacob.

Ending in an abusive tirade and insults all around.

Seems that Brown was showing his charming, friendly manner when he dismissed the lady voter as a "bigot". Yes, that was his better self, apparently. That was Brown a good day.

Common ground?

Jeez, I'm starting to feel sorry for the British, at least the worst we have to put up with is some dweeb with no scruples and an old guy in speedos.

It could be worse.

10/5/10 11:01 PM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

Oh boy, what a sad sick puppy is Gordon Brown. Grizzling at and blaming his minders for setting him up with an ordinary grandma (whom, by the way, Andrew Bolt wants to kill with swine flu). His name will deservedly be Mud and UK Labour will never forgive him. And who could?

11/5/10 11:08 PM  
Anonymous harry Heidelberg said...

Thomas Jefferson had sex with a slave. Another socialist.

13/5/10 5:36 AM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

Tom was just being a good capitalist, using an asset to its fullest utility.

13/5/10 11:03 AM  

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