Thursday, April 29, 2010

Efficiency, revenue, efficiency...

Kevin Rudd:
"Improving the structure of the tax system by replacing inefficient taxes with more efficient ones and streamlining governments and administrations reduces complexity and makes the Australian economy more productive.

"Australia needs to respond, to remain an attractive place to invest and to do business.

"That's the reason the government's aspiration is to reduce the level of tax faced by the vast majority of Australians."

Sooo… taxes which are "inefficient" will be replaced by taxes which are "efficient". One can therefore expect that taxes which "inefficiently" collect revenues will be replaced by those that will collect revenue very efficiently. All the while Kev "will reduce the level of tax faced by the vast majority of Australians." But not the amount. The level which we face might change but never the revenue (amount). That will simply be collected far more efficiently.

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Anonymous Jacob said...

Oh ye gods, my brain hurts. Someone make him stop.

Just who was the intended and actual audience for this blather?

Those first 2 paras sound like the kind of thing with which a swotty Year 10-11 student might try to impress his sexy blond economics teacher. A string of motherhood thought-bubbles spiralling into twee.

Oh and "the government's aspiration?"

Someone has got to tell Kev: voters have aspirations, governments are meant to have policies.

Sheesh, come on Gillard. Or bring back Turnbull.

29/4/10 8:28 PM  

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