Friday, April 23, 2010

Qantas CEO tries to talk sense into Andrew Bolt

...but to no avail.

Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce, interviewed on Bolt’s radio station regarding the Iceland volcanic ash emergency, has ever-so-politely refused to be sucked into Bolt’s narcissistic moral panic.

Mr Joyce is a brilliant guy and true conservative.


Clearly Alan Joyce was nowhere near sufficiently on message for Bolt’s purposes. In his entire approach to the matter Joyce in fact epitomised the conservatism Bolt farcically claims for himself.

Bolt kept hammering the Niki Lauda quote (“It was one of the biggest mistakes in aviation history to close airspace for a long period without having the right facts and figures”), and tried to goad Joyce into taking a comparable position. Then after Joyce signed off, Bolt had of course to give it one more emphatic run to drive home the meme to which he’s clearly now emotionally committed.

Bolt closed the segment saying that “without a doubt” litigation by international carriers against civil aviation authorities will ensue, which if it eventuates he’ll undoubtedly trumpet as vindication of the crusade he’s whipped up over this.

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