Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Andrew Bolt in bid for more attention, cash, power

It seems Andrew Bolt has decided that the shutdown of European aviation, due to “alarmism” over the volcanic ash cloud from Iceland, is intrinsically linked to the global warmalarmist conspiracy.

It’s all somehow connected, don’t you see? Somehow...

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Anonymous Harry Heidelberg said...

Those of us in the more rational part of Europe thought the same thing. It became very funny when the Poms were sending out maps from their batty Met Office showing the ash cloud covering larger and larger portions of Europe but Euro Control here on the continent was showing it impacting much less significant areas. That's why KLM and Lufthansa concluded it was batty British nonsense last week and started doing test flights to prove it. The rest of Europe was running while sad little England with it's island paranoia mentality remained grounded. In the end British Airways had 26 aircraft heading for England last night and the airspace wasn't even open. Everyone knows there was an over reaction now and it is being admitted. I just wonder who was doing the over reacting. Was it the nutters at the University of East Anglia again. You know the email fiddlers and fraudsters. It is no longer a rational island. Data from Great Britain is always highly suspect. They are paranoid, eccentric nutters.

22/4/10 1:54 AM  
Anonymous harry Heidelberg said...

The Americans and Eurocontrol are not using these daft models. The Poms insist on their eccentric little models. Look the ash cloud could be here, look now it's over there. All the while they are chasing shadows and clouds that don't exist. I could see that by simply casting my furrowed brow skyward. If the ash cloud crisis is clear to me, why is it not clear to the British Met Office? Because they refuse to look at the sky to see what is actually happening. Instead they mull over computers filled with pictures of the ash cloud as they'd like it to be rather than the ash cloud as it actually is. The model was nonsense for the ash cloud. If we still stuck to the rationale of the model last week, there'd still be no flying going on. If you're gonna defend that nonsense than that means no one should be flying now and no one believes that anymore. The modelers have egg on their faces. Most of them had beards and voted to the left.

22/4/10 2:03 AM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

An irrational island, eh? That's neat, Harry. Must be an epidemic of pottiness extending to continental Europe, because it was national civil aviation authorities across the board who shut down European airspace.

As is well known, there were several aircraft that sustained damaged due to the effects of volcanic ash as predicted by the "daft model". There's probably a few hundred people alive today thanks to the fact Andrew Bolt didn't have control over Euro airspace.

The words "bid for attention cash power etc" are, as noted in an earlier post on this blog, the accusation Bolt made against the WHO over that body's so-called "over-reaction" to the H1N1 pandemic. There's probably a few thousand people alive today thanks to the fact Andrew Bolt didn't have control over world health agencies.

In their latest "bid for more attention, cash and power", during the height of the volcanic ash emergency the WHO "advised that as long as the ash remained in the upper atmosphere, increased health risk was unlikely." The evil whackos!!

Andrew Bolt is a shrill demagogue who should, by all means, be encouraged to continue doing what he's doing. Because he keeps a lot of feral dolts otherwise occupied who could do a lot of damage, if they weren't given the illusion that they have power by virtue of commenting on his blog. For his part, Bolt gets his ego stroked and he gets a lot of attention and cash.

But happily no power. Win-Win.

22/4/10 9:38 AM  
Blogger Father Park said...

I'd comment but being "bearded" it may be redundant.

22/4/10 10:53 AM  
Anonymous Jacob the 5 O'Clock Shadowed said...

Nice to hear from you, Father Park!

22/4/10 1:06 PM  
Blogger Father Park said...

Disappeared to Norah Head with the family at Easter and came back a week later only to drown myself in black beer at Burrinjuck with a bunch of reprobates for our 25th "Drunks Bash". Might get around to some photos.

Been busy at work and penning a "peer reviewed" paper for a journal that's just about ready for the peer. I've read it and edited it so often I dream about the bloody thing. More about the bits I murder by editing out.

Oh William... The pain, the pain....

22/4/10 2:48 PM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

That's exciting Michael. Is it with AW mag again? Anyway maybe you could do an extract/promo thing here to give us a taste.

I'm presently in awe about the Storm shitstorm. The bubble headed boobies... What a shocker!

22/4/10 10:49 PM  
Blogger Father Park said...

Not quite. This one's an academic journal. My tone will be a liite more fossilised - AKA dry - and much referencing.

Funny how the journal wants me to reference a decent number of "secondary" sources (modern historians and ten or more). Me, I've always preferred the primary sources. But that's me.

I don't think I've referenced ten secondary sources as yet - and likely won't. My take on the politics and battle of Sellasia will likely occasion the equivalent of the Academic Spanish Inquisition.

23/4/10 11:07 PM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

Well, nobody will expect the Spanish Inquistion, that's a nice start. The requested secondary sources are clearly to add 'topicality' and/or 'controversiality' to your contribution, thus generating letters of indignation or effusive praise from the readership. Best shunt them in if you can.

24/4/10 12:13 AM  

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