Friday, April 30, 2010

Transport Trivia Friday

Presenting milestones in Victoria’s transport landscape...

This week: 1973


The Victorian Government signs a $6m contract to build the first of Melbourne’s underground stations, Museum Station (now Melbourne Central).


Plans are announced to reduce Victoria’s open-road speed limit to 60 mph.

Next week: 1974 ! !

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Anonymous Harry Heidelberg said...

I suppose soon you will get to the part where metric was introduced as part of a wide ranging attempt to turn australia into a communist nation by labor.

30/4/10 2:24 PM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

The metric system was introduced under laws passed in 1970 by the fascist Gorton Government.

Insidious indoctrination and implementation proceeded through the 1970s. Naturally the Maoist Whitlam Government did nothing to stop the rot, indeed they accelerated it.

Unfortunately Andrew Bolt was only a kid at the time, therefore couldn't warn us about the end of civilisation as we know it.

Probably wet his pants though, a habit he persists in to this day.

30/4/10 3:14 PM  
Anonymous Harry Heidelberg said...

Bolt strikes me as a thoughtful moderate typical of the freedom heroes to emerge from Victoria's communist era. The state went bankrupt and the evil communist Premier, Joan Kirner, was even called Mother Russia. Bolt is the most popular columnist in the biggest selling newspaper so the good people of Victoria are shown to have good judgement. The Maoist Age has no credibility. Bolt sits at the pinnacle of the Victorian intelligensia.

It behoves all of us to pay homage to him and I caution you against careless criticism. I think you're jealous. Be a bit more generous and show some respect. We need warriors against communism and if they can be articulate as well then they can kill two birds with one stone.

2/5/10 7:05 PM  
Anonymous Harry Heidelberg said...

I was also a kid at the time and remember november 11, 1975 as one of the happiest days of my childhood. I'd just turned ten and for the first time felt my country had a future. The adults were happy and the joy was palpable. I vowed that day to dedicate the rest of my life, no matter how long or short to be in the service of the fight against communism.

The Whitlam dismissal brought hope to millions. The sad part is they were conned by another communist, Fraser. We has to wait until Hawke to get some semblance of life beyond communism. Some of the baby step reforms away from communism came early in the Hawke era.

Great strides away from communism were made in the Howard era. Now we are going backwards again under Rudd which shows the threat is never far away.

2/5/10 7:18 PM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

Nah, Bolt is just a dickhead and pants-wetter.

Did you see his recent post where he said - seriously! - Philip Adams should be refused treatment and ejected from a Catholic hospital because Adams is a "militant atheist"?

This is like saying that people with a philosphical aversion to the socialist Medicare system should be refused treatment at public hospitals. Needless to say, they'd be surprised to find there's a paucity of emergency wards at private hospitals in Australia.

Bolt had to add as an 'update' to that post, "Unfortunately, only until you get to Andrew from Coffs Harbour in the comments below do you find a reader who understands the question I’ve asked."

So Bolt and Andrew from Coffs Harbour are the misunderstood geniuses of our time?

Nah, Bolt's just a dickhead and a pants-wetter. What that makes Andrew from Coffs Harbour I couldn't say, I couldn't be bothered reading further.

2/5/10 11:14 PM  

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