Thursday, April 29, 2010

Andrew Bolt trivialises killer drug

Andrew Bolt’s blog is of course Rudd Hate Central and, as such, part of the rich tapestry of Australian political life, providing a relatively harmless outlet for those who have nothing else with which to fill their days.

Among other threats to civilisation as we know it, Bolt is currently excoriating Rudd for his “lack of courage” in shelving the Emissions Trading Scheme — the evil “tax on everything” Bolt previously excoriated Rudd for wanting to promote.

But it’s not just Rudd’s “cowardice” and “ineffectiveness” with which Bolt takes issue. It’s that Rudd wants to “distract you” from his failings with the announcement of a proposal to only allow tobacco products to be sold in generic packaging.

Rudd has downscaled his gandiose [sic] ambitions from saving the entire planet to saving just a few smokers... Rudd is treating voters with complete contempt. The very next day after his humiliating backdown on his emissions trading scheme he announces a trivial campaign on smoking, banking that it’s enough to change the topic from his deceit and cowardice, and talk instead of hios [sic] being “tough” and “bold”.

Truly, if there’s an anti-Rudd angle to anything, Bolt will nail it and package it for ready consumption by his boltoids. Not that he’s a pioneer in that kind of thing, just as the Rudd Government is no pioneer in “distracting you.” Of course, it’s all just part of the rich tapestry of Australian political life.

But I must take issue with and excoriate Bolt for his careless throwaway line about “a trivial campaign on smoking.” The proposals announced are not about “saving just a few smokers.” Potentially, the measures could save hundreds or even thousands of people (particularly, the young) from ever taking up the deadly addiction.

If Bolt wasn’t so blinded by Rudd Hate, he might see that potential is underscored by the threat of a major legal challenge from the tobacco industry. And if he wasn’t so addicted to attention, cash and power, he’d alert his readers to the merits of the proposal.

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