Friday, May 07, 2010

Transport Trivia Friday

Presenting milestones in Victoria’s transport landscape...

This week: 1974


The last red swing-door train (commonly known as a ‘Dogbox’ or ‘Doggie’) is retired from passenger service. Carriages on these trains were narrow to prevent an open door hitting an oncoming train.


Compulsory blood-alcohol testing after road traffic accidents is introduced.


Metric road signs are introduced in Victoria.

Next week: 1975 ! !

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Anonymous harry Heidelberg said...

Metric road signs were introduced. Who was the PM? None other than Edward Gough Whitlam. The interesting thing is that in that same year, socialist, Mitterrand narrowly lost the election in France - birthplace of Metric. The Mitterrand socialist couldn't get what he wanted in his homeland so settled to work with his client, Gough Whitlam to subject Australia to metric. Two socialists working together to eliminate the English language from speed signs and introduce red circles and numbers. It's hardly cause to celebrate. Quite sick.

13/5/10 5:17 AM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

The French also hoped to subvert our old weights and measures system with the term avoirdupois.

13/5/10 11:04 AM  
Blogger Father Park said...

Bring back the cubit. While we're at it Middle English too - modern English has become so "Yanky-fied"...

Whan folk hadde laughen at this nyce cas
Of Absolon and hende Nicholas,
Diverse folk diversely they seyde,
But for the moore part they loughe and pleyde.
Ne at this tale I saugh no man hym greve,
But it were oonly Osewold the Reve.
Bycause he was of carpenteres craft,
A litel ire is in his herte ylaft;
He gan to grucche, and blamed it a lite.

13/5/10 2:38 PM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

Oh, and bring back ancient celtic!

My heart races whenever I hear Roger Waters' classic soundscape 'Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict'.

13/5/10 9:36 PM  

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