Sunday, October 14, 2007

Don’t say I didn’t tell you so

By Piers Bolt

Applied Hermeneutics’ token right-wing commentator, Piers Bolt, is alarmed. Here, he fires another salvo in the population policy front of the culture wars.

I’ve said it before, haven’t I? — a leftie society is a girlie society!

Indeed, I wrote a while ago about the important and alarming research findings that establish as a scientific axiom the disturbing fact that estrogen is a grave danger to the political health and vigour of Western societies.

Basically, too many girls born into a population results in a leftward tilt in voting patterns. As I prophesied last year:

What all this means for the governance of western societies is that a social fabric awash with estrogen inevitably gives rise to an ascendancy of income-redistributing rentseekers who, despite themselves, cannot see the error of their ways.

Further, the potential crisis highlighted by this study points to the extreme urgency of formulating population policy aimed at achieving an appropriate mix of the sexes in order to ensure an optimal political orientation in the broad population.

The Free West needs an appropriate mix of male and female — Yin and Yang — in order to finely balance the Active and Passive Principles at work in our civilisation. Crucially this will ensure the electoral success of sensible people, such as George W. Bush and our own John Howard, who alone seem able to implement sensible policies.

As Caz points out over at Avatar Briefs, soy food products are the latest addition to the list of dangers to the virility of our civilisation.

We can add this depressing news to the deeply alarming findings announced last month:

Twice as many girls as boys are being born in some Arctic villages because of high levels of man-made chemicals in the blood of pregnant women, according to scientists from the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program.

The scientists, who say the findings could explain the recent excess of girl babies across much of the northern hemisphere, are widening their investigation across the most acutely affected communities in Russia, Greenland and Canada to try to discover the size of the imbalance in Inuit communities of the far north. ...

The sex balance of the human race — historically a slight excess of boys over girls — has recently begun to change. A paper published in the US National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences journal earlier this year said that in Japan and the US there were 250,000 boys fewer than would have been expected had the sex ratio existing in 1970 remained unchanged. ...

With revelations like this, I’ve lately begun to see the kernel of wisdom in the otherwise soft-headed platform of fringe environmentalist and ‘green’ groups. Consequently I’ve surprised many with my sudden advocacy of stringent environmental measures — while, of course, stressing that these be implemented in keeping with the imperative of economic growth.

I’ve been excoriated as a ‘eugenicist’ for my advocacy of radical measures to promote an appropriate population gender balance. Well, so be it, now they can add ‘mad greenie’ to the list, if that’s what it takes to arrest the infusion of excessive levels of estrogen into our precious body politic.

Until next time, stay brave and true.

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Blogger Caz said...

Traditionally a slight excess of boys over girls?

No, no, no, surely that's not right.

The natural rate is more females than males. More males are born, but they don't survive. The surviving rate is more females - generally 51% to 49%.

Of course, all of those figures ignore India and China, where the imbalance due to aborting and killing baby girls is staggering. Even if we had "excess" girls on every other continent, it wouldn't make up for the dangerous imbalances created in two of the world's most populous countries.

I wonder if some of this is paranoia? You know, hysterical fear of "too many" women, upsetting the testosterone imbalance that rules and runs the world and has no need to fear any change any time soon?

15/10/07 11:12 AM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

Piers seems subject to that paranoia of "too many" women, and has found a 'scientific' basis to rationalise it.

Yeah, I know what you mean re China, etc. Dreadful...

And yes, those dangerous imbalances are a design feature of the species, sadly.

I tried to find the relevant document on the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program's website, but couldn't find anything all that recent that looked like the thing they were talking about here. Will look again when I get a moment.

15/10/07 8:58 PM  
Blogger Caz said...

Must admit I'm not a follower of Piers - 'though many, many others are - so I'm not especially aware of his ideology and preferences in life.

Perhaps a couple of lesbians have moved in next door to him and he's spooked.

How odd that a sprinkling of men across the world are coincidentally getting all het-up over pending world-domination by women.






Are words that come to mind.

15/10/07 11:16 PM  

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