Saturday, October 06, 2007

river man

River Man by Nick Drake

I’d actually wanted to feature a rendition of this song by Elixir, the three-piece outfit formed with Katie Noonan and Nick Stewart of the Brisbane-based band george, but couldn’t find an online vid. Anyway, the Elixir version is well worth a listen too.


I wanted to post a sample audio clip of Elixir’s splendid version of this song, but guess what??? Blogger doesn’t do audio!!! Well, there’s a surprise...

Anyway, I’m now investigating third-party options to achieve this. Maybe watch this space...

In the meantime one may listen to brief audio clips from the album here. And maybe even buy it (at less than half the price I paid for it).

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Blogger Jacob A. Stam said...

Update on the Update... Still waiting on to send me a confirmation email. It's been over 8 hours...

6/10/07 8:22 PM  
Anonymous Jacob again said...

After almost 36 hours, still no gabcast confirmation e-thing. Beginning to consider cutting losses.

A pity! Had in mind the odd podcast with stuff like ... elephant calls interspersed in interview with Kevin 'You reside, I deport' Andrews ... music ... comedy ...

Good old Blogger!!

7/10/07 10:44 PM  

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