Monday, October 08, 2007

The rank duplicity of Geoff Pahoff

Pahoff at Harry’s Club Chaos:

You’re right about the hateful moral bankruptcy of the average “leftie”, Harry. ... They are very much at the grubby margins and it would be a mistake to let them win by closing the blog.

Pahoff later at Avatar Briefs, commenting on the very same remarks of Harry’s:

... Truth is I never read the lead article till later. Just like I had only skim read the typical drunken rant from Harry. You’re forgetting he nearly banned me a couple of weeks ago ...

Is there anyone anywhere who could invest the slightest scintilla of trust in the sincerity of such a person? Or his veracity?


Blogger Caz said...

Moral bankruptcy of the left?

That would be at least half the population.

No. I don't think any particular group can so easily be deemed morally deficient.

The explicit flip side of the point is that the right is morally and ethically sound, and that's a global joke that people in any country would "get".

9/10/07 11:11 AM  
Anonymous harry heidelberg said...


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