Friday, October 12, 2007

Great questions of our time

Is anthropogenic climate change for real?

24. Fu — Return  (The Turning Point)

The Judgement

Return. Success.
Going out and coming in without error.
Friends come without blame.
To and fro goes the way.
On the seventh day comes return.
It furthers one to have somewhere to go.

The Image

Thunder within the earth:
The image of the Turning Point.
Thus the kings of antiquity closed the passes
At the time of solstice.
Merchants and strangers did not go about,
And the ruler
Did not travel through the provinces.

Six in the Fourth Place

Walking in the midst of others,
One returns alone.


Blogger Jacob A. Stam said...

I've probably totally screwed this up...

But then I don't really believe in it anyway (shh, it's okay, I've put The Book away in its lead-lined box).

12/10/07 11:14 PM  
Blogger Caz said...

Well, there are people to-ing and fro-ing, there are friends, there are some not knowing where to go, then everyone stopped with the going about, and then there's one left.

Sounds as though the gov't is going to put an end to Sunday trading.

That bites!

12/10/07 11:40 PM  
Blogger Jacob A. Stam said...

Hang on, I'm just channeling an update...


All is confusion.

The wise man [sic] will have a bob each way and buy a Prius.

To fart into a hole in the ground may be felicitous.

13/10/07 12:00 AM  

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