Friday, May 14, 2010

Transport Trivia Friday

Presenting milestones in Victoria’s transport landscape...

This week: 1975


The 27-kilometre extension of the suburban train network from Dandenong to Pakenham is completed.


The first ‘Z’-class trams enter service.

Next week: 1976 ! !

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Blogger Father Park said...

Can't recall the last time I saw an Ampol servo. Seems to have disappeared from the petroleum world.

Ampol was the one: it had the red "Pegasus" logo back in the sixties. We'd one accross from the school and I just had to have one of their "flying horse" transfers on my masonite-type school case.

I still remeber the smell of that case for some reason. Quisonnaire rods also come to mind...

14/5/10 8:54 AM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

Yeah, I remember Ampol pitched itself as "Australian owned, etc" and had all those cool merchandising promotions. I think Ampol was eaten up by Caltex at some point.

And whatever happened to Amoco?

"... nice clean petrol, Amoco in my machine..."

That was the classic tv commercial of its time, perhaps (?) around the same period as Ansett's Peer Gynt promo campaign.

The memory boggles...

14/5/10 11:27 PM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

awwww, nice clean petrol...

15/5/10 12:33 AM  
Blogger Father Park said...

Classis: love the get-up.

Yes Amoco was billed as "Australian Motorists something or other..."

Next we'll be putting a tiger in your tank and topping up with Golden Fleece.

We'll need a car though. How about a "Shhh... the P76 is coming" or "Hey Charger!".

If it were archived anywhere, Toyata's classic seventies "It was a very good year" campaign would give us a choice of Corollas, Celicas, Crowns...

I suspect we'd be up to (if not past) a Crown.

15/5/10 11:40 AM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

Ah the P76... take an esky and build a car around it. A brilliant stroke but the sales were not quite so brilliant.

Where I grew up there were a couple of larrikin mates who each simultaneously bought themselves identical Chrysler Chargers. They became, in my experience, a vehicle synonymous with lairs.

15/5/10 2:21 PM  

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