Friday, May 07, 2010

The Lancet gets it right yet again

At this stage in the wash-up of the UK general election, it looks like The Lancet got it right. Yes, yet again!

In its editorial of 1 May (which it grandly called its “general election manifesto”), The Lancet oraculated:

Health will be only one of many issues influencing your vote on May 6. And, to be fair, all three main political parties have important and interesting ideas to offer. A fact that leads us to look forward to an era of cooperation and collaboration in a hung parliament.


The Lancet now has rightly lauded the Rudd Government’s bold initiative to force Big Tobacco to sell its deadly products in plain packaging.

Australia, a world leader in the battle against smoking, stays in pole position with the government there announcing plans, from July, 2012, to force cigarette manufacturers to remove all branding colours and logos from cigarette packs. ... Australia's new anti-tobacco initiative is an historic event, and other countries now need to follow suit.

This historic event is one that a well-known rupertblogger derided as “a trivial campaign on smoking.” Happily the Bolt politburo is powerless to stop it.

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Anonymous Harry Heidelberg said...

You may or may not have noticed but Jolanda Challita is still at it. I am curious about people who develop obsessions. It seems to me your ongoing spat with Andrew Bolt is has a Challita-like quality about it. You never mention Gerard Henderson. It's always Bolt this and Bolt that.

As for the Lancet, it's like the Guardian. May as well be Xhinua. It's British and it's socialist. Another country that wrestles with obesity, fails so attempts to focus on tobacco as a pathetic loser nation would. Lots of non smoking people with heart disease. Tops. Go the Poms! The socialist bastards.

Oh yeah go after the 16% who smoke and ignore the majority who are fat. This is the joke in Europe.... laughing at the English speaking smoking nazi nations who pat themselves on their fat backs as they die of heart attacks instead of lung cancer.

It's as much a joke as Australia's war on alcohol. Nanny Roxon. Shudder.

13/5/10 5:31 AM  
Anonymous Harry Heidelberg said...

I note you have not yet denied being a Maoist.

13/5/10 5:45 AM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

Smoking causes heart disease as well as cancers. Also contributes to obesity by making people less active. Are you trying to say it also leads to Maoism?

13/5/10 11:01 AM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

Oh yes, Bolt...

To me Bolt is kind of a running gag, much as Jolanda is for you.

Moreover, Bolt is a Melbourne boy, while Henderson is Sydney, hence in Father Park's diocese. Feel free though, Harry, if you want to take a shot at Henderson yourself.

13/5/10 12:37 PM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

Anyway Henderson isn't a habitual pants-wetter like Bolt.

13/5/10 2:22 PM  
Blogger Father Park said...

Bolt is, how do you say, "relentlessly partisan".

Henderson is far less histrionic and emotive. Bolt and Ackerman are drips off the same block of melting lard. Ackerman being the somewhat larger drip.

13/5/10 4:22 PM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

Now you bring it up, Harry, Henderson has indeed received detailed 'mentions' on this blog. Here by Father Park, and here and here by moi.

Henderson is unfortunately not so readily amenable to parody because he actually propounds reasonably cogent arguments, however flawed and partisan, as opposed to mere pants-wetting.

Of course I can't speak for Father Park, but I'll try to have another bash when time and opportunity permit.

13/5/10 10:03 PM  

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