Monday, November 26, 2007

Magic of Alex survives tsunami

Australian Foreign Affairs Minister* Alexander Downer, speaking to Barrie Cassidy on ABC-TV’s Insiders program, laments the inefficacy of the Howard Government’s Intervention in indigenous communities:

“And when we intervened in the Northern Territory in the Indigenous communities there again, the actual initiative was very popular with the public but it didn’t shift the opinion polls.”

* Yes, technically Mr Downer is still Minister for Foreign Affairs, and will remain so while caretaker arrangements are in effect, which will be until the new government is sworn in — probably next week.



Blogger Father Park said...

He was at it again on the 7:30 Report, lamenting that the government got no movement out of the polls for a number of political initiatives including the budget and the "popular intervention in the Territory".

Was it as political as the budget eh? Who'd a thought it?

27/11/07 7:30 AM  

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