Monday, November 26, 2007

Sky fails to fall in

Dire predictions of the sky falling in, should the Coalition be dumped in favour of Our New Labor Government, have against all the odds failed to come true.

In fact, according to the some of the formerly gloomiest Doomsayers-in-Chief, the sky now seems to be gravitating outwards at warp speed, presenting glorious new vistas:

Business in Australia has welcomed the election of a Rudd Labor Government as a new chance for significant reform, particularly in improving the dysfunctional condition of federal-state relations.

The new head of the Business Council of Australia, Greig Gailey, said the BCA wanted to work closely with Labor in helping to lay the foundations for the future.

“Many of the items on the BCA agenda have been flagged by the incoming Government as immediate priorities ... that is incredibly positive,” he said.

Oh, goody!! Meanwhile, the consensus among our glittering cognoscenti is that the Rudd Era has begun. Alan Ramsey trumpets jubilantly,

“We have our country back.”

Get it? We are back!!

We all know who the we and the us are in this country, in contradistinction to the them. And we are back — presumably from our self-imposed exile in New Zealand, waiting out the exceptionally long Howard Interregnum.

Whether the Labor victory turns out to be merely the Rudd Interregnum (as this blogger will foolishly begin predicting right about now) is not even on the horizon in Cognoscenti Land.

But meanwhile, and inevitably, wet-blankets like Paul Sheehan have already begun to cloud the horizon with negative vibes:

Ideology is dead in Australia. The electorate made sure of that at the weekend. Australia now has a new leader as conservative as the one the public has just cast aside.

Oh Paul, now get this: Australia has “voted for change.” And we don’t need people like you telling us that we voted for the status quo, okay. Please.

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