Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Loched out

Last weekend the normally sleepy south-west Gippsland village of Loch was inundated with visitors for the Loch Village Food and Wine Festival.

Visitors’ vehicles lined the length of the main drag, spilling out into surrounding residential laneways.

As Loch is a frequent stopover for car clubs, there were typically some more exotic vehicles.

Sidewalks along the shopping precinct teemed with happy shoppers.

For the littlies there was a petting zoo. A wee baa-lamb turned the tables on my wee grandson, who himself became an exhibit.

Incidentally, the petting zoo was situated on the site where a house had stood until August last year, when it was demolished by a runaway truck. Next day my daughter was on the spot and snapped the following shot of the rig being extracted from the rear of the dwelling.

(Also incidentally, only six months earlier another truck had come to grief at almost the same spot.)

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