Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Argument clinched


That’s almost three months without any increase in temperature.  This clearly falsifies the theories of climate scientists and means we should ignore anything they say.  If you disagree then please stare without blinking at these lines until it sinks in.

And in case you can’t believe what’s in front of your own eyes, there’s a graph as well...

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Blogger Father Park said...

When so-called "experts" in their "peer reviewed journals" say one thing, we dare the impossible and find imaginative ways to believe something else entirely.

Which leads to...

The data you mention is clearly marked Preliminary. You might trust "Preliminary Data", I do not. I kept some of the preliminary data because it matched and reinforced my point. The preliminary data after that in which temperature jumps very high looks suspicious.

Clearly this is a MP propduction (Monty Python). Not even avowed "climate sceptics" could be that funny without professional help.

10/6/12 11:08 PM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

The guy's good! (Whover he is.) My favourite is his review of Jaws (the movie) from a 'sceptical' perspective.

11/6/12 9:01 PM  

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