Friday, December 02, 2011

'Welcome back' song

A welcome back song. Who the hell needs Whiter Shade of Pale??

(What "uppers" is the drummer on?)


Anonymous Jacob said...

Thanks Compadre, great to hear from you. Oh, I'm sort of quietly 'back', I guess.

Last I heard you've been globe trotting, so 'welcome back' to you too. Trust you and the family had a splendid time! Feel free to post the odd photo or observations here. Or even at Caz's, if you want an actual readership; I'd wager she'd be happy to accommodate.

I loved that live version of 'Conquistador' when it came out, bought the single. The B side was 'A Salty Dog' in which the drumming is inspired (yes, by which substance we can only guess). Finally bought the album only five years or so back, one of those sort of expensive 'singles'.

3/12/11 9:36 AM  
Blogger Father Park said...

Ahh yes... The juke box in the Strathfield hotel had this and others back in the seventies. Many a coin.

More coins in the box located in the George Adams Bar of the old Hilton in town. Conquistador was regularly followed by Knights in White Satin.

I had hair...

4/12/11 10:12 AM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

It's highly regrettable that so few hotels these days seem to be furnished with a jukebox. Quite apart from the uncivilisedness of that, some places sorely need such a facility to mask the sound of the bloody pokies in the next room.

My best jukebox memory is of the Wedge Swimming Pool. It was a private establishment, formerly a stately house fallen on hard times.

The extensive gardens surrounding the (hyper-chlorinated) pool were populated with peacocks and ornamental goldfish ponds.

But for the swimming public, the hub was a summer house wherein was the jukebox operating almost at distortion level.

Led Zeppelin's 'Whole Lotta Love' was played endlessly (okay, incredibly frequently) in the summer of (I think) 1970, God only knows at what cost to the goldfish and peacocks.

5/12/11 12:23 AM  

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