Saturday, October 08, 2011

Pattern emerging?

Research- and fact-averse Andrew Bolt doesn’t know what day of the week it is (compare the title embedded in the url link with the post’s now-corrected banner heading) because he has “been preoccupied with trying to get Anne Summers to correct and apologise for a very damaging false claim she made about my wife.”

Elsewhere he applauds Gerard Henderson’s “dutiful” efforts to “document the howlers” in Susan Mitchell’s “bizarre rant against Tony Abbott.”

Well, everyone makes mistakes, even a most-read columnist — as Bolt himself admitted recently, “I also made mistakes, Justice Bromberg said, although none seemed to me to be of consequence.” (Ignoring, of course, that those “mistakes” were a decisive factor in his recent court loss.)

And so, a pattern seems to emerge with regard to which mistakes, errors of fact and distortions of the truth our Doctor Easychair holds to be “of consequence.”


. . . a very damaging false claim . . .

The words that kind of leap out at you in that expression strongly suggest that Doctor Easychair actually does know that a “false claim” can be “damaging” to, say, an innocent party.

There may be hope for the boy yet.

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