Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Andrew Bolt pays “very great respect indeed”

And why would he not, when the payees are three actual scientists who have aligned themselves with his crankish views on climate science?

Bolt’s dubious praise is actually a petulant expression of spleen in response to a feisty defence of orthodox climate science by Australia’s Chief Scientist, Professor Ian Chubb.

From the outset Bolt refuses to dignify Chubb with the title ‘Professor’, referring to Chubb simply as ‘Mr Chubb’ in the heading of his post.

He then introduces a video of his interview with his three tame scientists with the following:

... here’s a video of me paying very great respect indeed to three scientists who do agree with Chubb on one thing — that scientists like them are indeed treated with contempt, but not by the people Chubb means ...

Yep, “vewwy gweat wespect indeed” — that ought to fix Perfessor Chubb’s little red wagon.

Well then, what did Professor Chubb say to provoke such a puerile, tongue-poking performance from our good Doctor Easychair? Perhaps it was this bit:

[Chubb] also attacked “entertainers” in the media who had the privilege of an audience but not the responsibility to go with it. “For many in the media and politics and for the plethora of so-called commentators, undermining science is becoming an increasingly popular pastime,” he said.

Note that Chubb wasn’t specifically referring to Bolt as one of those ‘entertainers’, but — since clearly everything’s about him — Bolt has clearly taken to heart what he regards as a stinging jibe.

Notwithstanding his doomed efforts at fact-based commentary — which sadly requires a competent grasp of actual facts — I do hope Doctor Easychair comes to realise what an honourable thing is the role of entertainer in our lives.

On this blog alone, his endearing antics have been the subject of around two dozen out of 800-plus over almost 6 years. And his contribution to the wider blogging community is inestimable.

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