Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pell asserts his authority in stuffology

Cardinal George Pell of Sydney has rebuffed the director of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, Dr Greg Ayers, as “unscientific”.

Last month Dr Ayers told a Senate estimates hearing that a submission on climate science by Cardinal Pell was heavily based on Ian Plimer’s book Heaven and Earth, which has been soundly discredited.

Ayers (a BSc and PhD from Monash University) has now been dismissed by Pell (who played a lot of football for Corpus Christi College) as “obviously a hot-air specialist.”

Pell continued,

“I've rarely heard such an unscientific contribution... I regret when a discussion of these things is not based on scientific fact. I spend a lot of time studying this stuff.”

Readers may judge for themselves the quality of Ayers’ critique of the Pell-Plimer creed from the transcript reproduced here, but the opinion of this humble blogger is that it was chock-full of scientific stuff, in contrast to Pell’s lame rhetoric above.

Both climate ‘sceptics’ and committed Catholics should ask Cardinal Pell, as gently as possible and with all due respect, to please stop making a jackass out of himself and them.

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