Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Milk of human kindness

An email yesterday from our personnel area advises they

...have been in contact with the Red Cross, who ask that we do not send staff down to donate today — they are absolutely inundated down at their offices. With a large number of their nurses out in the field dealing with burns victims they have limited free nurses for donations for us today. They are also managing a huge amount of public walk-ins who want to donate today also.

They have stressed that blood donations made next week and over the next month are the most crucial donations in this situation. Burns victims are going to require ongoing transfusions and there is a high need for plasma.

So there is no immediate urgency, but do keep the stuff flowing. (Note that the above relates to the Red Cross in Melbourne.) You can phone 13 14 95 to make arrangements to donate blood, or see here for more information.



Blogger Father Park said...

My blood, full of allopurinol and alcohol, is likely not that welcome. I should donate though.

11/2/09 8:14 PM  

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