Saturday, February 07, 2009

Loathing lingers

It seems time has not softened blogger Jack Robertson’s opinion of former Australian Prime Minister John Winston Howard:

I maintain that John of Winston was and is still a mediocre little c--- and a political impostor and a flag-draped Dirty Button-pushing relentlessly Un-Australian user and abuser and reducer of a multitude of other far better and far more naturally decent Australian men and women across his entire career, most of them on his own side of politics, all of them — all of us — left feeling grubbier, sourer, wearier, smaller, for his but-passing-by. In the selfish service of his personal legacy Prime Minister Howard did deep and lasting damage to this nation’s fundamentals...

Wished I’d said that... But what’s provoked this latest bout of Howard-bashing from Robbo is the prospect of the Great Man’s coming memoirs — for which Robbo has already suggested the following title:

How Much My Shit Didn’t Stink, No, Never Ever Once, Not On One Single Thing, So There!

Robbo anticipates, “It will be the longest and most lucrative Plaintive Letter to the Editor in Australian literary history.”

Wished I’d said that...

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