Monday, May 05, 2008

The ‘Times’ beats up the Corey legend

That’s the South Gippsland Sentinel Times, a regional weekly serving a stretch of Victoria from the Latrobe Valley to the Bass Coast.

And Corey, of course, refers to Corey Delaney — a.k.a. ‘Party Boy’ Corey — who became a legend in some minds when in January he hosted a wild, outrageous party at his home that became virtually a riot, while his parents were absent on holidays in Queensland.

The Times ran a story on page 4 of last week’s edition with the hysterical headline:

‘Corey’ party at Cape Woolamai

Cowes and San Remo police are concerned with the amount of under-age parties held in the area including Cape Woolamai, where a party of under-aged drinkers got out of hand last weekend.

Senior Constable Julian Wildenberg from San Remo police said that there has been a spate of under-age parties recently which is concerning authorities.

“There were at least four complaints about a party in Cape Woolamai (on the weekend),” he said.

He also said that they are becoming “common”.

Corey-esque he was asked.

“Yes, I would say so,” he said.

Well now, hang on just a minute — Corey-esque?

Let’s just briefly review the Corey incident back in January:

More than 500 teenagers spilled on to the streets, damaging property and throwing projectiles at police cars...

Up to 30 police were called to the party, along with dog squads, transit police, divisional vans and a critical incident response team.

Not to mention the police helicopter, and threats by the authorities to bill Corey and his parents for the outrageous cost of the police response.

By way of contrast, to describe the Cape Woolamai incident as Corey-esque is most likely an exercise in slick — or slack — journalistic hyperbole.

No charges were laid. ... S/C Wildenberg said that no parents were seen during the noisy affair where “at least 30 youths were present”. [My emphasis]

Sounds not unlike several parties I myself attended — well over 30 years ago!

That the “affair” in Cape Woolamai might be somehow attributable to latter-day Corey-esque excess would seem to be contradicted by S/C Wildenberg’s own words:

“I haven’t encountered [a party] as bad as this for quite a while,” he said.

I’m sure that’s true, but such parties have always, and will always, happen from time to time.

The article goes on to observe that S/C Wildenberg “was serious about the matter, concerned for the safety of the adolescents involved in the party.”

Well, so are we all, but most of us also know that unruly and risk-taking behaviour by adolescents and young adults is a perennial hazard that wasn’t invented by ‘Party Boy’ Corey.

The Times journalist should get a grip.

Source: “‘Corey’ party at Cape Woolamai” by Samantha Freestone, South Gippsland Sentinel Times, Tuesday, April 29 2008, page 4. (No link available/print only)

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