Sunday, May 04, 2008

Cat liberated from bag again

Republican presidential hopeful John McCain has made a frank avowal about one of the primary drivers of US policy in the Middle East:

“My friends, I will have an energy policy which will eliminate our dependence on oil from the Middle East, that will prevent us from having ever to send our young men and women into conflict again in the Middle East.”

While one may admire Senator McCain’s candour, it will be interesting to see whether his energy policy will involve significant reliance on biofuels, the impetus of which has had a disastrous effect on world food prices particularly in poorer countries.

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Anonymous justice_via_truth said...

An aside[1] on 'murder for oil.' In my blogging since 1st hearing of the utterly dreadful "Shockin' Whore" then being mooted for Iraq (with the equally chilling US grunts' "Let's go play in Iraq!" - in order to 'pink-mist' hapless collaterals), many have tried to nay-say the US' plan for eventual oil-theft, but none have disproved it. That is, in a nutshell, because it's simply not disprovable; it's what's gunna happen - unless the brutal occupation of Iraq is stopped, and US forces completely ejected. Make no mistake; it may well be, that the US is *partly* in Iraq to enable the gruesome & cancerous Zionist dreams of a "Greater Israel" to fester, but consider Sun Tsu[5], Ch#2 "... and how success requires making winning pay."

They (the US administration) said that Iraq would pay for its reconstruction via its oil revenues; but what they always tried to deny was what they planned all along: to grab the lot, integrating their filthy capitalism 'from the sand to the sea;' to suck as much oil - and $s out'a Iraq as they possibly could. One (possible) side-effect of this could be to 'control' who may buy the oil; so much for so-called 'free' markets. Finally, it only makes 'good' (rip-off!) capitalist sense, so denying 'murder for oil' is a crime of the order of denying the holocaust.

Once more for emphasis: it's simply inconceivable, that the US would do anything, let alone murder 100s of 1000s, if not 1.2mio+ Iraqis, if they didn't think they could make their crimes pay. That is, after all, exactly what (US-style, but not only US) capitalism is all about.

Addendum: No-one in the US, neither the (largely obese) people, nor the (filthy rich beyond avarice) so-called élite, has any right to rip the world off, in fact exactly the opposite. Greed is defined as anything more than a (rational, fair) person would take, and in a world of limited resources (like our once jewel-like planet), to take not just more than needed, but far more than the average is simply piggish. The only reason they can do it is force; what they are doing in Iraq - just as in many other places not quite so obvious (attempting to hide behind the venal MSM), is armed robbery with actual bodily harm. We cry over single casualties; Iraq has the dead piling up in multitudes. So much for "Truth, Justice and the American Way!" - eh?

[1] extracted from "just whose country/planet is it, anyway? ..."

8/5/08 7:58 AM  

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