Friday, February 01, 2008

Me-too-ism confirmed

I’ve resisted commenting on the phenomenon that is ‘Party Boy’ Corey Worthington for a number of reasons. Prominent among those is that this young man lives locally to us.

In the main, however, the whole thing seemed to me very tiresome and ho-hum. His fame and/or notoriety seems equally based on his ‘legendary’ status among many of his peers, and the ‘parental’ feelings he seems to excite in newspaper letter writers, for example, many of whom devised a plethora of ways in which to punish him — for his own good, of course, if not for the greater good.

Now today I read this:

In a few notorious days, the 16-year-old become [sic] such a phenomenon that Googling him now produces more than 184,000 web results and more than 3000 blog references.

Well then, here’s one more for our local legend.

And an observation: The ‘Party Boy’ epithet just might stick...

Perhaps Mr Local Legend will fondly remember his youthful exploits when his carers at the nursing home tell him to stop being such a ‘Party Boy’ and take a nap — for his own good, the old ticker not being what it was.

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Blogger Caz said...

The reporting of a policing matter was fine and legitimate, but after that, everyone should have ignored this hideous, unattractive and singularly uninteresting minor piece of doggy-doo.

I'm sure his parents are good people and good parents, their son just happens to have turned out to be a total dickhead.

Aren't most 16 year old boys? Yet, such a fact generally doesn't warrant any news stories.

Neither did this one.

2/2/08 2:40 PM  

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