Friday, March 07, 2008

Goat Friday

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Blogger Kathy Farrelly said...

How cute.
Just love that "I know something that you don't know" grin, too.

7/3/08 11:43 AM  
Anonymous jo said...


I bet it just broke wind.

7/3/08 10:28 PM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

Yep, another one of those Pre-Teen Mutant Ninja Bambis.

So cute... until they break wind. A pong only a mother could love - or learn to live with, rather.

7/3/08 11:55 PM  
Anonymous Jack R said...

OK, I've tolerated several goats in perplexed silence, Jake. So now I've got to arx, mun:

WTF's up with 'Goat Friday'?

8/3/08 5:35 PM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

Greetings Jack.

The goat thing started as essentially a bit of me-too-ism on my part, considering that some blogs have a Friday-theme -- such as Tim Dunlop's 'Friday Meltdown' and Caz's 'Duck Friday' over at Avatar Briefs.

My choice of my own Friday-theme was fatally influenced by fond childhood memories of a pet goat my family kept for a time in our suburban backyard, to save my dear old pappy the trouble of mowing the grass.

I still reckon goats are pretty cool, but it's becoming a bit of a drag searching week-in, week-out for decent goat images. Again, this week, I've had to opt for a cutesey Bambi-type goat.

The me-too-ism, I can only guess, is probably inherent in my being, according to Harry H, a Kevin 07 Labor Stooge.

Jack R ????

I'd request that you please review my Blog Rules... only I haven't got any ;-)

9/3/08 1:28 AM  
Anonymous Jack Robertson said...

Oops, I'll consider myself bitch-slapped re: the handle. Sorry, Jake, pure laziness. Ta for the goat explanation, it makes perfect sense.

'Harry H'...I presume you're being ironic with the Kevin 07 stooge thing, and mean Harry Heidelberg/David Davis, one of the old Webdiary gang? What's he up to now...I just went and had a look for a site he ran for a bit after he spat the dummy at Webdiary, and it seems to have closed down.

Not that I'm complaining, mind...he was writing some loony stuff about Margo over there at one stage. Same guy?

So...what'd I miss...?

10/3/08 1:13 PM  
Blogger Father Park said...

Nothing that you'd really want to know.

10/3/08 8:55 PM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

You mean you missed all of Harry's antics, Jack? Well, some of it could be entertaining, some appalling, but ultimately (as Father Park suggests) you can be assured that your life hasn't been incomplete for having missed it all.

HH felt extremely miffed at the way WD treated him. I suspect he was justified to some extent, as far as one can sort through all the claim and counter-claim. Largely, however, it was about clashing of egos, but I think HH, in more lucid moments, would admit that he was only too happy to ramp up the invective to the max.

No idea what he's up to now, really, other than that I think he's 'over' the WD thing and blogging generally, and last I heard was planning to return to Europe. Good on him.

His last word here (on a thread below) was that he wouldn't return here to read the "typical Labor response" (words to that effect) and "GOODBYE!!!"

Can't argue with that!

11/3/08 10:32 PM  
Anonymous Jack R said...

Oh, OK.

David used to make me chuckle too, but I stopped laughing - and reading his site - when he started calling Margo an outright 'c**t', causing her to ring me in floods of tears, not knowing what she'd done to deserve it. It's a pity, but I hope he's happy and OK.

We had a nice site going there for a while. Still plugging away now, too, which is good to see.

12/3/08 5:03 PM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

Indeed, Jack, I well remember that episode. The more anyone tried to cool things down, the more he'd "ramp it up". He then called it free-speech, 'though lately he's characterised that sort of thing as 'performance art'.

Not that anyone much tried to cool it down. It caused some amusement and generally went down well with some disaffected WD'ists, such as that dreadful Noelene persona (whom HH, ironically, ended up pissing off, if I recall correctly).

Yeah, it was about as funny as a train wreck. But like a train wreck, it was difficult to resist the voyeuristic compulsion to gaze in appalled fascination at the smoking pile.

Blogging, I've found, is in some significant way sometimes a kind of voyeurism in which spectators play a complicit part in the train wreck. And from another angle, it's also a very amenable medium for exhibitionists and media-tarts.

Anyway, and more happily, HH and MK came to a reconciliation of sorts last year, when the latter made one of her occasional re-entries.

12/3/08 10:51 PM  
Anonymous Jack Robertson said...

That's good.

'Performance art', eh....well, that's one way of describing foul-mouthed bullying tanties.

Mind you, I can hardly talk. You should get a load of my first blog some time, Jacob. Not for the sane, the rational or the faint-hearted in parts.

Now that was Geenyus Performance Art, sir...s'just that no-one's 'got it' yet!

*Grins madly, giggles wildly, cuts ear off...*

Ah, the anarchy of the blogosphere...

12/3/08 11:37 PM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

Your first blog, Jack? Is that the one where you detail your dialog with Muftim Blair?

Reading that brought to mind a friend who, as a young, aspiring artist living in Sydney, at some point suddenly decided he should 'catch up' with Brett Whiteley to discuss the direction of contemporary art.

On arriving at the master's residence, Wendy promptly directed him in no uncertain terms to piss off.

Gatekeepers! They come in all sorts of surprising and/or mundane shapes.

13/3/08 12:36 AM  
Anonymous Jack R said...

Aye, that they do.

Mind you, not all stoutly-kept gates are a bad thing, either!

13/3/08 12:53 PM  

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