Sunday, February 24, 2008

Observation #484

click to enlarge  —  image by jarcob

near Kilcunda, looking east to Wonthaggi (Desal Sux)

I was just thinking...
we inhabit such a gorgeous planet!

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Anonymous jo said...

Bloody hell, I'd like to see the animal that left all those every large droppings about the field.

Must have been something very very big.

25/2/08 7:56 PM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

And the shape! Must be like shitting a hay-bale...

25/2/08 10:00 PM  
Blogger Father Park said...

Off to Melbourne today: I shall endeavour to check on the progress of the hay bale phalanxes upon the good city.

It's time to take up arms people: each able bodied man is to be armed with......a pitch fork!

26/2/08 7:33 AM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

Say, Father Park, what is/was your itinerary in this fair (to middling) city?

27/2/08 9:53 PM  
Blogger Father Park said...

Already back mate - having spent incontinent amounts of money at the Airport Hilton.

What a wonderful place Yarraville is. Had to get our office manager to drive us ten minutes to a pub in Footscray so as to eat.

It is patently obvious that I did not locate the office. It will have been adjacent to a decent hostelry.

28/2/08 11:26 AM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

I used to know Yarraville quite well, lived there for a number of years until we moved to the outer-south-east about 15 years ago (my, how time flies...).

Quite enjoyed it there, the place had a smalltown sort of feel. It was still very Greek then, at least in the old 'village' part, but not sure whether that's still the case.

Last I looked, a monster McDonalds had sprang up on the site of the place where we lived.

28/2/08 12:55 PM  

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