Monday, January 21, 2008

stranger on the shore and two salty dogs

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Blogger Father Park said...

A somewhat peeved looking sky. Is that the Almighty looking to poke through??

Looks better than it was here yesterday: the sun, during a commercial break in Sydney Weather Channel's latest hit serial Days of Deluge, put in an appearance and ratcheted the temp up to 30 in no time flat.

I decided, not knowing when another such commercial break might come along, to mow the Rectory lawn. May as well have done so in a sauna. The bloody evaporation from the sodden lawn under the bloody sun was frightful - I must have leaked several litres of fluid. As well, turning and mowing back past that already mown was most disheartening: I swear the grass was adding millimetres as I pushed!

Oh well, a quick cool shower and off to the pub to replace those departed fluids. The first several lasted no time at all. The second and third were quivering at the fate of the first.

I’m paying for it today though…

21/1/08 4:23 PM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

Well, the peeved-looking sky was all bluff. No 'significant' falls in our part of 'Toria. Some north-eastern parts got 3-4 inches, but that was due to their proximity to NSW.

Oh yes, the familiar Aussie summer ordeal of mowing the lawn in a sauna. Thank the peeved gods for the liquid refreshments afterwards. If they could just not make one pay so dearly for the relief!

21/1/08 9:35 PM  
Anonymous Kathy said...

Beautiful pic Jarcob..
Love the calm pastel colours..

And Mike..
You always make me smile..

Bought hubby a bottle of Wirra Wirra Church block(2005) cab shiraz merlot..
He was rapt.
Well.. it was his birthday after all..
And.. it came highly recommended!!

21/1/08 10:57 PM  

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