Saturday, January 26, 2008

the change cometh

all imarges by jarcob  —  click to enlarrge

—  Location courtesy of God  —
—  Southern Strzelecki Ranges, Victoria, Australia  —



Blogger Caz said...

Ooh, arrh!

Damned beautiful shots Jacob.


27/1/08 12:14 AM  
Anonymous Kathy said...

I'm with Caz!
Absolutely gorgeous pics mate!

27/1/08 1:03 AM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

Thanks, folks!

I spent a few minutes snapping away at those cumulonimbus formations. Ended up here using the first shot I took.

On the drive back from the coast the double-rainbow presented itself. Remnants of the hay-bale plague still evident, too -- spooky...

Keep meaning to do a full on photo-safari of the district.

27/1/08 10:22 AM  
Anonymous Dylan said...

I got an SMS a few minutes ago from CNN with the news that your (un)favourite Indonesian dictator had finally gone to meet his maker...or perhaps take a journey to somewhere warmer and more to the south?

Clicked over and saw the title 'The Change Cometh' and thought you'd already blogged on the passing of Mr S. Instead you serve up a few ripper pics - great shots! :)

27/1/08 6:18 PM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

Thanks, Dylan.

And yeah, just caught up with the Suharto news a while ago, as have been flat out running errands all arvo.

Wow. It was only a day or so ago he was reported to have improved markedly. Friday they were saying he was well enought to be taken off the ventilator "as his health slowly improves".

I hope it wasn't anything I said!

Actually, when I said "I hope he dies", of course I meant merely that I wouldn't lose any sleep if he were to croak.

In fact, I'd really rather he remained alive to answer (truthfully, if possible) some curly questions before his people re a few hundred thou dead people and a few cool billions amassed at his people's expense. Then give him a few years in someplace quiet, at the people's expense, to think upon what he's done.

OK, I'm a dreamer.

27/1/08 9:53 PM  
Blogger Father Park said...

It may have cometh but did it doeth anything?

Bye, bye Suharto. Won't miss at all.

28/1/08 7:14 PM  

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