Saturday, January 19, 2008


The condition of former Indonesian dictator Soeharto has improved and he has a good chance of recovering, his doctor said yesterday.

I guess it takes more than hoping.

Doctors said privately he had been near death.

Near enough ain’t good enough for the Castro of the Far East...

Soeharto ruled Indonesia with an iron hand for 32 years and has been accused of hundreds of thousands of murders and disappearances.

Hanging’s too good for him! The tyrant should, like Saddam, have been ‘taken out’ years ago...

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Blogger Father Park said...

Does a doctor looking the wrong way at the proper time constitute murder?

I'm not sure what a "proper" end would be for such a mongrel but, Lord knows, many better people have been taken by bastard diseases such as cancer who should still be with us. Why an arsehole like that remains is...

Four years last December mum died from breast cancer.

20/1/08 11:38 PM  
Blogger Jacob A. Stam said...

Doctors "looking the wrong way" happens all the time in modern health/palliative practice. But that's for little people, not ex-great men.

S's doctors have a lot of light on them and get to impress the watching world with their life-giving skills.

The family, too, would want the medicos to pull out all the stops in keeping the old bastard alive, because when he croaks there will be proceedings to be proceeded with over a reputedly largish fortune accumulated, apparently 'innocently', by the Father of the Nation.

Hmm, four years already... my most sincere continuing sympathies.

Our mum survived the big BC at seventy, 'though not without complications that occasionally make her remaining life a misery.

But it's the outward stigmata that seemingly cause her the most distress, such as the grotesque swelling of particularly her right arm, due to fluid build up (lymphedemia).

She sums it up pithily with: "I hate growing old..."

21/1/08 10:00 PM  

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