Thursday, January 03, 2008

Organised organisation makes ambitious ambit claim

Union thuggery threatens to overwhelm the construction industry. Chief Executive of the Master Builders Association, Wilhelm Harnisch, is worried that...

“Many of the enterprise agreements are up for renewal, and obviously the CFMEU seem to be emboldened by the new ALP Government to put out a fairly ambitious ambit claim.”

But Deputy PM Julia Gillard is making gentle cooing noises, saying that...

... industry-wide strikes would be illegal and the building industry has nothing to fear.

“That will simply be unlawful under Labor’s policy and employers will have quick and effective legal remedies,” she said.

“The Australian Building and Construction Commission is there to make sure the rules are adhered to and there will always be a strong cop on the beat in the building industry under Labor.”

Hey...!! Just whose side is this woman on, anyway?

Meanwhile, we’re all still awaiting confirmation of John Howard’s ambitious ambit prediction that the sky will fall in when Australia has coast-to-coast Labor governments.

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