Sunday, January 06, 2008

brother & sister act do lygon street limbo

Natural performers Sam and Sez yuk it up on New Year’s Day for watching stern parental-figures and sundry Lygon Street passers-by...

Stern parental-figures declare: “We are faintly amused...

images by jarcob and sam



Anonymous Kathy said...

Great pics Jarcob!
Chips off the old blocks eh?

7/1/08 12:11 AM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

They're hilarious, Kath, but this stuff is probably their mother's influence. My father-in-law has 8mm film of the missus as a little girl prancing down London streets, including one episode where she's so into what she's doing she crashes into a lamp post (painful to watch!).

These two have been doing this stuff together since they were little, in between the love-loathing periods of the teen years.

Was great to see them together again. We took Sam up to the airport for his flight back to Sydney. His sister lives in inner Melb and joined us at an eating joint on Lygon Street (strangely, all the CDB eating joints were closed on NY day).

7/1/08 8:27 AM  

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