Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Rupert and the denegation of class warfare

An editorial in The Australian last week panned the ABC’s “highly subjective documentary” broadcast the night before, I Spry, which attempted to document the career of ASIO boss, Colonel Charles Spry.

Counterpointing that was a piece in The Age next day that dealt with the 1928 war on Melbourne’s docks, in which police violence against unionists at the behest of captains of industry was allegedly improperly investigated and subject of a “whitewash”.

The Australian, needless to say, fails to recognise certain other “realities of the Cold War,” such as the open warfare practised by the State, in lockstep with powerful commercial interests, against working people.

Such open sores on the body politic perhaps inevitably further radicalised a significant segment of organised working people, arguably driving them headlong into the arms of the so-called “communist conspiracy”. It couldn’t really be helped because the ruling establishment couldn’t bloody help themselves.

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Anonymous Harry Heidelberg said...

Julia Gillard is a communist.

10/11/10 6:14 AM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

No wonder the left-leaning Aussie proletariat still prefer her 49/34 as prime minister over the falangist Abbott...

10/11/10 5:24 PM  
Anonymous Harry heidelberg said...

Yes, sadly they, the Australian people are very much to the left. They want a nanny state. I am very much aware that I have always been in the minority as a proponent of small government. That is the antithesis of the Australian way which is a preference for big government and a faith that whatever ill there may be in society, government can solve it. That is why people thought Rudd had an influence on grocery prices. It is a pretty sad situation. As we know in the states, the Labor party seems to be the natural party of government. NSW is a classic example. The people keep gong back for more. They love this stuff. So I am hardly surprised that the big bummed Julia is more popular than Abbott. It would be shocking were that not to be the case. Labor can make it rain remember because they run climate change. They can lower grocery prices. They can do all this and more. As a staunch Labor supporter though I would caution you against becoming too excited about the leadership polling when Labor's primary vote languishes in the 30s. It gets to a point where even the Greens branch of the Labor party doesn't get them over the line. You may recall the election of 2010. The situation now is kind of like that. Gillard may be "popular" but she did not gain enough votes to gain a majority in parliament so I suggest you not get too excited yet about the Liberals being consigned to history..... despite the Australian penchant for a particularly dysfunctional form of socialism.

13/11/10 8:17 AM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

Ta, I stand cautioned. The elephant in the room of Labor's poor primary vote has munched up my strawman of Gillard's popular appeal.

Sad that the Aussie proletariat are so ignorant of their own true interests. Perhaps we do need someone like the falangist Tony Abbott to allow himself to be tapped on the shoulder by History and become the vanguard of the dictatorship of the proletariat.

So how's socialist Switzerland treating you? I hear they simulated the Big Bang recently at the LHC. Did it dim the lights?

14/11/10 8:15 PM  
Blogger Father Park said...

Don't know about the lights but it seems to have had a deleterious effect upon the Euro.

Perhaps a Greek scientist was in charge at the time?

15/11/10 10:37 PM  

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