Thursday, June 24, 2010

‘F’ word at last emptied of meaning

An unidentified senior federal Labor figure, variously described as a “powerbroker” and “factional leader,” has said of fallen PM Kevin Rudd:

“This crypto-fascist made no effort to build a base in the party. Now that his only faction, Newspoll, has deserted him he is gone.”

UPDATE 28 June:  Oh dear, seems there was nothing ‘crypto’ about Kevin after all...

Kevin Rudd's Downfall - Watch more top selected videos about: Kevin_rudds_downfall

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Anonymous Jacob said...

So now I guess Rudd's report card will read something like, "Doesn't play nicely with gang leaders. F minus for class warfare participation."

"Made no effort to build a base"? Those vipers were happy enought to ride to victory on Rudd's coat tails and bask in his Sun God-like approval ratings while the going was good.

I guess if Rudd was a (crypto) fascist, then they were his willing little Crypto Brown Shirts. Heil Rudd! One leader, one Party, one term...

24/6/10 9:04 PM  
Blogger Caz said...

Gawd, what a classic quote Jacob.

No small irony that all and sundry, once upon a time, saw Rudd's lack of factional association as a strength, a much needed change for the ALP.

And no medium sized irony that the ALP turfed Rudd because they were so mesmerized by newspoll numbers that they were wetting themselves at the prospect of losing their still almost new found power.

These people have no powers of self-reflection, do they, no self-knowledge. At all.

27/6/10 2:15 PM  
Blogger Father Park said...

Ha, ha! How funny is that? Pity to use such a fine film for parody though...

28/6/10 4:37 PM  
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